Welcome to Dalton, GA

Dalton is a vibrant community with a history of ingenuity that’s experiencing a renaissance - as a place to work, live, and build a life. Powered by a dynamic economy and fueled by engaged citizens, Dalton offers exceptional opportunities to thrive in a diverse, welcoming community. Community here is more than just place - it’s the people who connect and collaborate in the spirit of enriching every aspect of life in Dalton. 

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What we do

Our Commitment to Growing Dalton, GA

The Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization that serves over 1,000 businesses. The Chamber serves our members by being a catalyst for economic growth, workforce and leadership development, and quality of life improvements in our community.

Chamber Members

Our Executive Board consists of volunteers from a variety of the area’s businesses. We represent over 1,000 members of all sizes from small single owner operations to major manufacturers.

Our Community

Known as the Carpet Capital of the World, Dalton is home to a increasing number of high-tech chemical, plastics, and automotive companies.

Local Resources

Residents here enjoy the charm and easy access of small town life, without having to forfeit big city convenience.

Chamber Programs

Believe Greater Dalton

Believe Greater Dalton is a 5-year strategic plan for our community led by the Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce.

Drugs Don't Work

Join forces with other progressive area businesses in the DRUGS DON’T WORK Program of the Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce.

leadership development

Our mission is to grow a diverse group of leaders who serve as a catalyst for a stronger community. We prepare community leaders for the challenges of tomorrow.

Camp DEM

This is a Chamber-Sponsored Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing summer camp for Middle School students — rising 6th through 8th graders.

Hispanic Advisory Council

Founded in 2013, in an effort to increase our connectivity Latino businesses, this group has become a trusted source of council for our community.

Chamber Diplomats

Diplomats serve as the public relations arm of the Chamber. Click below to learn more.

why we do it

This is Our Town Too

The citizens of Dalton and Whitfield County (2,220 of you, in fact!) came together to focus on what our community needs for the future – the things we must do to thrive, grow, and become more competitive.

We want ...

Greater Dalton will be the first choice to live, work, play, and do business. We will embrace collaborative relationships, respecting and encouraging broad participation in community endeavors.