Gratefull Dalton


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You missed out!

More details coming soon!

In 2019 on the Monday before Thanksgiving, we brought over 1400 people downtown to share a meal together in the middle of Hamilton Street for our first annual Gratefull Dalton. Over 275 volunteers, 20+ restaurants, and generous sponsors helped make it a day we will always remember, and many have reached out to ask what we are doing this year. While this event will be a gift to our community for many years to come, as with most everything recently, we have had to make a shift. Instead of gathering together for a meal, we will use the Gratefull Dalton platform to meet some immediate needs of our community in this time.

On Monday, November 22 from 11:30AM until 1:30PM, we will show our gratitude for Greater Dalton with the Gratefull Give-Back, where we will collect shelf stable items for the Chattanooga Area Food Bank to be distributed among their agencies here in Whitfield County. We’ve celebrated birthdays and other life events in “drive-by” fashion over the past year and a half, so please mark your calendar to help Gratefull Dalton for a Cause with a drive by Burr Park on November 22.

No fee. No expectations. No agenda. Just an open invitation.

Gratefull is a FREE annual city-wide Thanksgiving meal where everyone is invited to eat together at one long table in the middle of the street. Through Gratefull we are removing barriers and bringing people together from across social boundaries, simply to get to know each other and build understanding. In order to build a city that is an honest reflection of its residents, everyone should be invited to the table.

What started as a one-time event in Chattanooga to bring people together has become a quickly growing tradition that spans multiple cities in the southeast, with interest from cities around the country.