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Drugs Don't Work

Join forces with other progressive area businesses in the DRUGS DON’T WORK Program of the Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce. Drug use in your business costs money, customers, and lost productivity! Apply for your Drug Free Certification today.

What are the benefits?

1. Save Money

  • The General Assembly passed a 7.5% premium discount in workers’
    compensation insurance based on a certified drug-free workplace program.
  • Substance abusers have 300% higher medical costs and benefits.
  • Substance abusers are 1/3 less productive.

2. Be Competitive

  • Most larger companies have some type of drug testing in place, so users look elsewhere for jobs.
  • 77% of current users are employed.
  • 1/3 of employees know of the sale of drugs in their workplace.

3. Get Help

The Greater Dalton Chamber’s Drugs Don’t Work Program provides:

  • Assistance in developing a drug-free workplace program.
  • Resources for drug-testing services and employee assistance providers.
  • Logo and Newsletter

Drug-Free in 5 Easy Steps

To obtain drug free workplace certification and qualify for the 7.5 % discount on your workers’ compensation premiums, you must complete the following 5 steps:

Institute a substance abuse policy. The program provides English and Spanish translations if you need assistance.

Conduct drug testing. Not all employees are required to be tested, however, pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident testing are required. While random drug testing is not required, it is suggested. The Chamber provides a certified testing provider list.

Conduct ongoing employee education. The Greater Dalton Chamber provides a monthly newsletter for employees in both English and Spanish to equal the required two hours of training annually. Half of the training must be complete before applying for certification.

Supervisor Training is required. The Greater Dalton Chamber can provide a newsletter to distribute to supervisors to meet this requirement for a small annual fee of $120.00.

Provide an Employee Assistance Program or post a referral list of treatment services.

Got Questions?

For more information contact Beth Morrison:

(706) 278-7373 •

Drugs Don't Work is a division of the Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce.